ED&I in Precision Medicine

Monday September 27 | 8.30am EDT - 1.00pm EDT

Advancing the Ever-Evolving ED&I Movement Within the Precision Medicine Community to Foster Collaboration, Advocate Membership & Accelerate Innovation to Meaningfully Embed Inclusion Within Personalized Healthcare

4 years on from when the #MeToo movement got reignited, a year on from when the world united behind the BLM movement, and in a year still reeling from the effects of COVID19, how do we continue to shine a light on the crucial and ever-evolving ED&I conversations?

For the third consecutive year, the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in Precision Medicine workshop will bring together 200+ global precision medicine decision makers as we continue the movement and drive forward our community’s commitment to ED&I within our teams, functions and wider businesses.

With 25+ precision medicine leaders joining the 2021 expert speaker faculty, this event will sharpen your leadership skills and help you discover the tools to create inclusive and empowering working environments within your organization. Join your peers as we look to advance the ever-evolving ED&I moment within the precision medicine community to foster collaboration, advocate membership and accelerate innovation to meaningfully embed inclusion within personalized healthcare.

Expert Speakers Include:

Anindya Sen

Director, Research & Development

Prevail Therapeutics

Cecília Schott

Vice President, Global Head Precision Medicine, Oncology Business Unit


Ellie Corigliano

Head of CDx Cell & Gene Therapies Oncology


Marielena Mata

Senior Director & Diagnostic Lead


Megan Ann Greenfield


McKinsey & Company

Michelle Zhang

Senior Vice President, Translational Research & Early Development

Ikena Oncology

Samik Basu

Vice President, Preclinical & Translational Research

Cabaletta Bio

Sarah Hersey

Vice President, Precision Medicine

Bristol Myers Squibb

Guardant Health

Monday 27 September, 2021
1.30pm EDT - 4.30pm EDT

A Deep Dive into CRC: Innovation Trends & CDx Impact

Providing perspectives from biopharma and translational medical centre leaders, join this Guardant Health workshop to discuss the latest trends in CRC oncology trials and innovative liquid biopsy use cases, and solve outstanding clinical challenges both in early-stage and late-stage disease.

Join to identify clinical disruption in CRC influenced by CDx/LBx and the commercial strategies to impact CRC patient care globally, and much more!

What will you discuss?

  • Analyzing the current unmet clinical and diagnostic needs and discovering how LBx can help unravel them
  • Exploring how to get to the bottom of outstanding clinical challenges both in early-stage and late-stage disease
  • Evaluating the specific challenges to commercialize a CDx for CRC patients and discussing how to solve them

Expert Speakers:

Amy Gorman

Global Companion Diagnostics Commercial Strategy Director


Clara Montagut

Head, Gastrointestinal Cancer Unit, Medical Oncology

Hospital del Mar

Dr. Scott Kopetz

Professor - Deputy Department Chair

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Jason Simon

VP Translational Research and Companion Diagnostics

Black Diamond Therapeutics Inc.

Daniel Simon

Senior Vice President, Biopharma Business Development

Guardant Health

Joshua Curtin

Translational Research


Lesli Kiedrowski

Director, Medical Affairs

Guardant Health

Ralph Riley

Global Co Diagnostic Market Access Leader


Lesley Farrington




Tuesday 28 September, 2021
10.00am EDT - 12.30pm EDT

Multi-Omic Technologies to Support Biomarker Discovery & Clinical Trial Execution

This exclusive Labcorp Oncology workshop will discuss the role of genomic- and proteomic-based platforms in enabling more informed and potentially effective therapeutic strategies in clinical development. Join this workshop to discover the benefits of implementing AI-powered digital pathology for clinical trials and its utility in better identifying the target population and data for downstream trial design.

Key learnings & takeaways:

  • Assessing the value of broad-panel NGS tumor profiling in bringing more actionable data for better decision-making
  • Exploring the ability of single-cell genomic technology to interrogate cancer heterogeneity at a more fundamental level
  • Examining the combination of gene expression profiling, digital spatial profiling and multiplex IHC for deeper investigation of the tumor microenvironment
  • Understanding how Labcorp Drug Development is bringing innovative tools and technology together to provide comprehensive clinical trial testing solutions

Expert Speakers

Roche Logo

Tuesday 28 September, 2021
1.00pm EDT - 3.30pm EDT

Next Generation of IHC Multiplexing: From Early Hypothesis Testing to IVD Applications

From single biomarker assays to higher order multiplex assays with predictive algorithms and digital pathology solutions, it is critical to establish technologies that enable biopharma companies to successfully and rapidly improve complex patient selection strategies. Multiplexing is the next generation IHC solution for clinical studies and submissions to global health authorities for therapeutic success.

Join us to discuss:

  • From hypothesis testing to pivotal clinical trials, how to successfully transfer your multiplex studies from research to IVD
  • How to develop a highly reproducible, robust and decentralized technology for complex studies by leveraging digital pathology
  • Advancement beyond duplex multiplexing towards higher order multiplexing (3+ biomarkers) with overlapping and co-localized characteristics in the tumor microenvironment
  • From improved predictive value supporting optimized patient selection and beyond, what opportunities do next generation multiplexing technologies offer and how do we collaborate to get there?

Expert Speakers: