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Agilent Technologies is a global leader in the life sciences, diagnostics, and applied chemical markets, delivering insight and innovation toward advancing the quality of life. Agilent’s full range of solutions includes instruments, software, services, and expertise that provide trusted answers to our customers' most challenging questions. By partnering with Agilent for your CDx development, your drug development program will reap the benefits of an innovative industry leader with more than 20 years’ experience. Agilent launched the first FDA-approved companion diagnostic and continues to deliver world-class CDx products in close collaboration with our pharma partners.


Apis Assay Technologies Ltd. is leveraging the transformational power of systems biology, innovative synthetic antibody technologies, and genomic big data to directly address the historical failures of translating biomarkers into clinical utility.

Operating under an ISO 13485 QMS Apis seeks to develop and manufacture proprietary and client derived disease- and tissue-agnostic biomarkers as IVD tests (MDx, CDx and CoDx), maximising the benefit to both patients and stakeholders in either a centralised or de-centralised laboratory setting.


Bio-Techne Companion Diagnostics delivers precision medicine services spanning the continuum from biomarker discovery to post-market commercialization of a CDx product. We bring a 20+ year track record of success including the development of over 2700 assays for 570 targets, with over 50 clinical tests built for pharma and 15 CLIA tests. Our multi-omic, platform-agnostic approach, paired with clinical trial sample testing readiness at our CLIA labs and international regulatory expertise, allows us to offer customizable solutions so that a pharma partner can deliver novel treatments to the patients most likely to benefit, faster.



Guardant Health is a pioneer in non-invasive cancer diagnostics, addressing challenges across the cancer care continuum. The company has raised more than $200 million from leading venture capital firms and in 2014 launched Guardant360, the first comprehensive liquid biopsy for clinical use. Guardant Health is improving therapy selection for advanced cancer patients across the globe using its proprietary cell-free circulating tumor DNA NGS platform. Guardant Health is partnered with biopharmaceutical companies to prospectively screen patients for trial enrollment, develop companion diagnostics to support clinical adoption, and use retrospective analysis for early insights into patient response and tumor evolution, as well as accelerate the development of new therapies.


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At Illumina, our goal is to apply innovative technologies and revolutionary assays to the analysis of genetic variation and function, making studies possible that were not even imaginable just a few years ago. These studies will help make the realization of personalized medicine possible. With such rapid advances in technology taking place, it is mission critical to have solutions that are not only innovative, but flexible, scalable, and complete with industry-leading support and service. As a global company that places high value on collaborative interactions, rapid delivery of solutions, and prioritizing the needs of its customers, we strive to meet this challenge. Illumina’s innovative, array-based solutions for DNA, RNA, and protein analysis serve as tools for disease research, drug development, and the development of molecular tests in the clinic.



Natera has developed Signatera, a personalized ctDNA test for molecular residual disease (MRD) detection and recurrence monitoring in patients previously diagnosed with cancer. Signatera's tumor-informed assay is optimized to detect low levels of ctDNA with high accuracy in identifying MRD and predicting recurrence with longer lead times. Signatera has been clinically validated in multiple cancer types. The test is available for clinical and research use, has been designated by the FDA as a Breakthrough Device, received CE mark. Look deeper at:



NeoGenomics is an industry-leading cancer diagnostics and pharma services company. We enable advanced oncology patient care leveraging the most extensive diagnostic solid tumor and hematological test menus, sub-specialty pathology, and expertise in biomarker development. We partner closely with our pharma and research clients to meet program objectives and delivery across our global laboratory sites (US, EU, APAC & China) from biomarker discovery through CDx validation and commercialization.


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With global headquarters located in Basel, Switzerland, Roche is a pioneer in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics focused on advancing science to improve people’s lives. Roche is the world’s largest biotechnology company and the world leader in vitro diagnostics and tissue-based cancer diagnostics. The combined strengths of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics under one roof have made Roche the leader in personalized healthcare – a strategy that aims to fit the right treatment to each patient in the best way possible. Roche Diagnostics, a division of Roche, offers the industry’s most comprehensive in-vitro diagnostics solutions, covering molecular diagnostics, clinical chemistry and immunoassays, tissue diagnostics, point of care testing, patient self-testing, next-generation sequencing, laboratory automation and IT and decision support solutions. With its products and services, Roche Diagnostics supports healthcare providers in transforming data into actionable insights.



Tempus is making precision medicine a reality through the power and promise of data and artificial intelligence. Tempus offers companion diagnostic development across our portfolio of assays, leveraging a broad-panel, universal platform used by thousands of oncologists globally. These assays can each incorporate multiple companion diagnostic markers, providing value across biopharma portfolios.



Thermo Fisher Scientific is the world leader in serving science. Our mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. We support precision medicine from translational research to the development of companion diagnostics with innovative technologies and service through our Thermo Scientific, Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Gibco and Ion Torrent brands.


Program Partners

Abcam_Logo Lockup_primary

Accelerate your next breakthrough in diagnostics and therapeutics. Abcam’s comprehensive portfolio of high quality, customizable solutions are ideal for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Our technical ability coupled with a flexible commercial approach enables us to deliver projects that will help achieve your goals


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Aignostics is a spin-off from Charité Berlin, Europe’s largest university hospital, specialising in AI-powered pathology generating novel algorithms, often built on own data, to deliver valuable insights to our clients. Insights which culminate into enhanced understanding of biology of disease such as novel biomarkers/target ID and drug response characteristics. Our proprietary technology has delivered state-of-the-art performance, with algorithms that can be implemented into clinical trials and pulled through into routine diagnostics to improve patient treatment.


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Almac Diagnostic Services support global pharma and biotech companies with their biomarker strategies from biomarker discovery through to companion diagnostic partnerships. Almac has clinical and research laboratories in Europe and the USA, alongside strategic partnerships in China, enabling us to support global studies. The services offered fall into three main categories:

  1. Genomic Services
  2. Clinical Trial Assays
  3. Companion Diagnostics



BD Biosciences produces research and clinical tools for the study of single cells to better understand infectious diseases, immunological disorders and cancers. That information can aid in the discovery and development of new drugs and vaccines and the diagnosis and management of diseases, including the development of biomarkers and CDx. Products include the BD FACSLyric™ Flow Cytometer (RUO/IVD), BD FACSDuetTM Sample Preparation System, BD FACSymphony™ A5 SE Cell Analyzer and BD FACSDiscoverTM S8 Cell Sorter, BD Rhapsody™ Single-Cell Analysis System for multiomics, a comprehensive reagent portfolio (RUO/IVD), and informatics solutions with BD FlowJo™ Software. More solutions. More answers. More data you can trust. Discover more with BD at your side.


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With its revolutionary and proprietary Idylla™ platform, Biocartis (Euronext Brussels: BCART) aspires to enable personalized medicine for patients around the world through universal access to molecular testing, by making molecular testing actionable, convenient, fast and suitable for any lab. The Idylla™ platform is a fully automated sample-to-result, real-time PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) based system designed to offer in-house access to accurate molecular information in a minimum amount of time for faster, informed treatment decisions. Idylla™'s continuously expanding menu of molecular diagnostic tests address key unmet clinical needs, with a focus in oncology. This is the fastest growing segment of the molecular diagnostics market worldwide. Today, Biocartis offers tests supporting melanoma, colorectal, lung and liver cancer, as well as for COVID-19 and sepsis.

For more information, visit www.biocartis.com, or follow Biocartis on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.


Founded in Boston in 2007, ClearView Healthcare Partners is a global strategy consulting firm serving the life science sector. The firm combines international industry knowledge and deep scientific expertise across a range of therapeutic areas with an extensive network of external stakeholders to deliver practical and actionable recommendations to our clients’ most complex challenges. The firm’s projects include cross-functional support at the corporate, franchise, and product levels for pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and diagnostics companies worldwide.

We take pride in deploying high caliber consulting teams from our Boston, New York, San Francisco, London and Zurich offices that can provide the best support available on issues that require strategic capabilities and deep content expertise within life sciences.


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Genomenon provides immediate insight into the published genomic research for every disease, gene, and mutation found in the scientific literature. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies license Genomenon’s comprehensive genomic landscape on any given disease to identify and prioritize genomic biomarkers for drug discovery and clinical trial targets


Clear and confident healthcare decisions begin with questions. At Labcorp, we’re constantly pursuing answers. With unparalleled diagnostics and drug development capabilities, we accelerate innovation and provide insight to improve health and improve lives. Whether you’re a patient, provider, researcher or in the pharmaceutical industry, we’re here for you.

Learn more at www.labcorp.com/ or follow up on LinkedIn and Twitter @Labcorp


Leica Biosystems is a global leader in workflow solutions and automation, integrating each step in the workflow. As the only company to own the workflow from biopsy to diagnosis, we are uniquely positioned to break down the barriers between each of these steps. Our mission of “Advancing Cancer Diagnostics, Improving Lives” is at the heart of our corporate culture. Our easy-to-use and consistently reliable offerings help improve workflow efficiency and diagnostic confidence. In line with our Mission, we have established the following challenge for ourselves: Enable patients to get their diagnosis within 24 hours from biopsy. This is a goal we are striving towards, a goal that will guide our future strategies. This vision aims to decrease the time it takes from biopsy to patient diagnosis, to a 24 hour period. With a presence in every step of the workflow, no other company is positioned to streamline all these steps so that the whole process takes less than 24 hours.


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PathAI is a leading provider of AI-powered research tools and services for pathology. PathAI’s platform promises substantial improvements to the accuracy of diagnosis and the efficacy of treatment of diseases like cancer, leveraging modern approaches in machine and deep learning. Based in Boston, PathAI works with leading life sciences companies and researchers to advance precision medicine.

To learn more, visit www.pathai.com


Personalis, Inc. is a provider of advanced genomic sequencing and analytics solutions to support the development of personalized cancer vaccines and other next-generation cancer immunotherapies. Our patented ACE (Accuracy and Content Enhanced) Technology forms the foundation of all Personalis products. ACE Technology improves every individual step in the next-generation sequencing (NGS) process, from nucleic acid extraction to sequencing assays, to data analytics. This makes it possible for us to achieve augmented coverage of difficult-to-sequence genomic regions that are missed with the use of conventional sequencing techniques. Using this comprehensive approach, we provide genomic data of the highest quality and accuracy to help biopharma drive their immuno-oncology clinical and biomarker discovery programs, thus enabling the rational design and development of effective cancer immunotherapies.



Spotlight Partners

Burning Rock

Burning Rock Dx specializes in next-generation sequencing diagnostics solutions for precision medicine in oncology. With the unique capability and experience in global trials, we are looking for partnerships to advance the field of companion diagnostics in order to achieve better patient outcomes.


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Founded in 2009, Flagship Biosciences, Inc., is a technology-driven spatial biology and biomarker services company delivering the most accurate and informative data available. We are revolutionizing biomarker analysis to improve drug development and diagnostics using the power of AI with a consultative approach. Our services and technology improve on the data and interpretation from traditional methods, eliminating variability associated with typical biomarker assessments, and bringing new insights to analysis results. We provide expert scientific consultation for every client. Our team interprets results, contextualizes biology, and identifies the best course for success.


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Panakeia provides comprehensive ‘omics' molecular analysis of patient tissues significantly faster and cheaper than other methods. We are creating AI-technology to provide biomarker information directly from H&E-stained tissue images. Panakeia offers reliable results in minutes rather than executing multiple physical tests over several days or weeks. Our offerings enhance both clinical diagnostics and drug development.



Randox Biosciences is devoted to advancing scientific discovery, drug development and diagnostics.

Spanning four key divisions; Life Sciences, Pharma Sciences, Clinical Laboratories, Research and Molecular; Randox Biosciences offers complete tailored solutions for clinical and research use. From initial assay development, through to providing companion diagnostics, molecular and custom based assays across a range of therapy areas.

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are increasingly investing in the research and development of new therapies to address the world’s growing need for earlier and more effective patient treatment. This demand has caused the pace of innovation in drug development, manufacture, and delivery to accelerate rapidly. As an established IVD company, we offer tailored diagnostic solutions to support faster, more effective and safe development of new drugs. We have a wide range of in-house capabilities, ranging from the selection and patenting of novel Biomarkers; manufacture of bio reagents; production of single and multiplex IVD grade tests; quality control; provision of clinical laboratory services; regulatory expertise and worldwide distribution. Randox Biosciences are your trusted diagnostic partner to achieve precise results, enabling informed treatment decisions.

At Randox we can provide Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and analysis, Genotyping, Proteomics and qPCR/ targeted genotyping solutions and services. Studying our genome can help us understand our risk of developing certain conditions, predicting our response to particular drugs/foods/treatments, and help with the development of new treatments for different health conditions. Randox has its own Computational Genetics Team consisting of data analysts and bioinformaticians which have built custom pipelines for pathogen sequencing and are subsequently ran on our powerful servers to provide the most high quality services.

Panel Partners

Neeraj Adya

Genialis is a computational precision medicines company unravelling complex biology to find new ways to diagnose and treat disease. ResponderID™, Genialis’ clinical biomarker discovery platform, defines, models, and validates actionable biomarkers and optimally positions novel drugs to accelerate translational research and clinical development. Genialis is trusted by biopharma and big pharma alike, and together, we bring precision to medicine.



SOPHiA GENETICS (Nasdaq: SOPH) is a healthcare technology company dedicated to establishing the practice of data-driven medicine as the standard of care and for life sciences research. It is the creator of the SOPHiA DDM™ Platform, a cloud-based SaaS platform capable of analyzing data and generating insights from complex multimodal data sets and different diagnostic modalities. The SOPHiA DDM™ Platform and related solutions, products and services are currently used by more than 780 hospital, laboratory, and biopharma institutions globally.


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Veranex brings together best-in-class expertise in product design and engineering, medical device evaluation, clinical development, data management, regulatory, and market access to deliver an integrated and comprehensive solution from concept to commercial success. Our product designers, engineers, market strategists, regulatory professionals, health economists, and clinical development experts help you develop products that deliver sustained value. We partner with you to overcome market and business challenges to ensure your success. With 30+ years of medical product development and commercialization expertise, we have the knowledge and integrated processes to speed you from idea to launch.


Meeting & Exhibitor Partners

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Over the last six years ANGLE has worked towards, and received in 2022, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for their Parsortix ® PC1 System for use with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) patients. This marks a significant achievement as the first ever FDA cleared product for harvesting circulating tumour cells from MBC patient blood samples for user-validated subsequent analysis. This creates new possibilities in the era of personalised cancer medicine, with the ability to repeat a non-invasive liquid biopsy to assess metastatic breast cancer.


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BostonGene’s mission is to power healthcare’s transition to personalized medicine using AI-based molecular and immune profiling to improve the standard of care, accelerate research, and reduce overall cost of cancer care. BostonGene’s tests reveal key drivers of each tumor, including immune microenvironment properties, actionable mutations, biomarkers of response to diverse therapies, and recommended therapies. Through these comprehensive analyses, BostonGene’s tests generate a personalized roadmap for therapeutic decision-making for each cancer patient.



Fulgent Genetics is a CLIA and CAP accredited laboratory providing comprehensive genetic testing services, precision medicine solutions, companion diagnostics, and multi-omics service offerings on a global scale. Discover the Power of Precision Medicine and Companion Diagnostics (CDx) with Fulgent Genetics - Your Trusted Global Service Provider for Multi-Omics Solutions


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Indivumed Services, a Crown Bioscience Company, is a global contract research organization (CRO) that offers an industry-leading oncology biobank and a range of service platforms to advance oncology and immuno-oncology drug discovery and development. Holding a unique biobank of clinical specimens, unrivalled in quality and associated clinical history, which currently totals almost one million patient samples, the company partners with extensive clinical network of more than 60 entities in the United States, Europe, and Asia providing direct and controlled access to relevant surgical biospecimens and blood samples. Further known for their enhanced immunohistochemistry and spatial transcriptomics, Indivumed Services’ platforms complement a range of established Crown Bioscience capabilities supporting biomarker discovery.

Indivumed Services is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, with a US-based subsidiary in Frederick, Maryland, USA, and employs approximately 120 people across these sites. Find out more:



Northern Ireland is recognised globally for innovation and expertise in precision medicine and diagnostics and benefits from substantial investment from the UK government in this new generation of healthcare.

The region offers a unique and agile environment in which to develop, test, validate and commercialise advanced biomarker assays and precision diagnostics solutions for a global market.

Collaborating with our cutting-edge companies and research centres can help your business prosper and you’ll also benefit from working with the only location in Europe with barrier-free access to both GB and EU markets.

To find out more about how Northern Ireland can help your business, visit www.investni.com/international-business/our-sectors/life-and-health-sciences

NuProbe Logo

NuProbe is a cutting-edge genomics and molecular diagnostics company with revolutionary molecular technologies to improve the sensitivity of sequencing mutations and copy number variations by over 10-fold. NuProbe has sites in Houston, USA, Shanghai, China and Suzhou, China. NuProbe’s vision is to offer affordable, timely, and accurate disease state information to enable precision medicine and improve patient outcomes.


OHMX.bio offers multi-omics research services on demand, with a personalized project approach, using emerging multi-omics technologies and a unique integration of wet lab and high-standard bioinformatics dry lab. Super quality is the redline.

To respond to growing demand from the pharma, biotech, and the diagnostic field for
partnerships with expertise in diagnostic assay development, OHMX.bio has expanded its portfolio with ‘on demand’ Dx and CDx assay development services with a focus on epigenetics.