Collaborate. Co-Develop. Commercialize.

Forging the Path to Precision Medicine

World CDx Boston 2014 is the 5th annual summit which will once again provide the springboard for your companion diagnostic strategy to reach the next level of success.

By bringing together the industry’s leaders and those pushing the envelope, World CDx Boston 2014 be discussing and tackling the biggest opportunities and challenges in the precision medicine space. This year we will be shining a brighter spotlight on the science surrounding this field whilst still currently addressing the commercialization of the Drug-CDx combination.

Celebrating it’s 5th birthday, World CDx Boston 2014 will allow you to network with individuals who feel confined by the same challenges as you and provide you with the knowledge to maximize your companion diagnostic capabilities.

World CDx Boston 2014 will:

  • Reveal how best to select from and manage the molecular diagnostic tools you have at your disposal
  • Discuss and analyze in depth how to harness the potential of next generation sequencing in the clinic
  • Provide case studies from completed CDx projects and those showing significant promise inside and outside of oncology
  • Reveal best business practice for negotiating the regulatory and pricing & reimbursement landscapes to maximize your product
  • Showcase case studies of the incorporation of biomarkers into clinical trial design and how this is improving research and development
  • Analyze in depth novel molecular diagnostic approaches such as cell-free DNA, circulating tumour cells and liquid biopsies
  • Discuss what lessons can be learnt from orphan drugs and rare diseases and how to apply these to the CDx space