Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson

Company: Precision Medicine & Oncology

Job title: Consultant


Breast Cancer as a Model for the Marriage of Biological Understanding and CDx 11:25 am

• Emergence of HER2 low as a biomarker for patients with breast cancer and treatment implications. • Landscape of NCCN guideline-driven biomarkers: HER-2, Ki67, PIK3CA as well as emerging biomarkers • Rise of ADCs as potential treatments and in combination with check point inhibitorsRead more

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Panel Discussion: Tissue is the Issue 10:40 am

• Logistics & tools to gain the most information from scarce samples • How can we limit the challenges associated with sample storage? • What tools and approaches are being used today to maximize biomarker information gained from scarce samples? • Combining both logistical and scientific expertise and considerations to maximize output in discovery settings…Read more

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Biomarker Discovery & Translational Development

Track Chair: 10:00 am

Read more

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Panel Discussion: ED&I in Precision Medicine: Barriers to Accessibility & Global Technology Accessibility as Biomarker Technologies Become More Complex 10:30 am

• While we’re witnessing an exciting period for precision medicine technology innovation, as biomarker investigations become more complex and costly, are new barriers to global precision medicine interventions increasing? • How can we be more aware of the benefits and challenges associated with growing technology complexity, to create broader awareness and implementation of biomarker strategies…Read more

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