Katherine Block

Katherine Block

Company: Sangamo Therapeutics

Job title: Director, Biomarker Sciences


Panel Discussion: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: Why Does This Matter, and What Does It Mean for the Future of Healthcare? 11:00 am

What has been your personal journey with diversity, equity, and inclusion? Why is it important to you and your organization? What part will diversity, equity and inclusion play in the future development of corporations? How can an organization measure success in creating and enabling equal, diverse, and inclusive cultural teams?Read more

day: ED&I CDx Engage Workshop

Translating Oncology Successes into Outside Disease Indications 10:30 am

How CDx approaches in oncology can be modified to enable development for Gene Therapy and Rare Diseases Pathways to develop a CDx for Gene Therapy Planning and timeline considerations when incorporating CDx into a clinical development plan Considerations in selecting CDx partners for gene therapy drug developmentRead more

day: Track C - Day 1 AM

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