A Virtuous Cycle of Medical Innovation Fueling Advances in Precision Oncology

Time: 8:20 am
day: Day One


  • Scientific advances have led to a renaissance in precision therapy and the potential to transform patient care. There is a deeper understanding of molecular targets that drive cancer and its evolution, more sophisticated and accessible genetic testing technology that enables the detection of a range of cancer mutations, and new precision medicines and combination treatment approaches being brought to patients.
  • These advances are reinforcing each other through a virtuous cycle. However, delivering novel precision therapies continues to involve a number of challenges, such as identifying patients most likely to benefit, empowering community oncologists with the latest information and ultimately, transforming traditional treatment paradigms to precision medicine approaches.
  • To address the barriers, our work is becoming more interdisciplinary – from integrating a variety of molecular and genomics data, to bringing clinical learnings back to research and working collaboratively on strategies to make biomarker testing available to more patients.