Pre-Conference Workshops - September 9-10, 2019

Main Conference - September 11-12, 2019

Boston, MA

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In this shifting healthcare paradigm and with emerging technology, such as liquid biopsies and multiplexing, generating novel biomarker signatures that are demonstrating their predictive power for patient selection and treatment decisions, now is the time to harness a fully-fledged biomarker-diagnostic platform to efficiently bring your targeted drug candidates to market.

Within oncology, competition is fierce for specific patient populations and in other complex disease indications (such as cardiovascular, CNS, autoimmune and rare diseases) momentum is gaining for the use of patient stratifying diagnostics to close the gap on unmet patient need.

Built for diagnostic, precision medicine and commercial leads, this stream of the meeting will provide insight into the maturation of disruptive technology, simultaneously tackling obstacles in reimbursement and commercialization to ensure the maximization of a diagnostic’s global footprint and implementation in healthcare.

Be at the pinnacle of crucial and candid conversation to discover why, how and when to adopt a CDx strategy early in your drug development programs and ensure you have the right collaboration to ultimately deliver a CDx strategy that brings true value to the market penetration and share of your drug.


Key topics to be addressed in 2019:

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Commercializing diagnostics as fit-for-purpose in the real-world healthcare setting

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Overcoming bottlenecks in reimbursement and access to streamline commercialization diagnostic-enabled therapeutics

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Addressing clinician and patient perspectives on the advancement of precision medicine and diagnostic testing

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Accelerating the demonstration of clinical utility and regulatory success for drug-Dx products

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Debating Rx-Dx business models and partnership alignment to further precision medicine collaboration