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The UK Pharmacogenetics & Stratified Medicine Network


The development of clinical biomarkers is crucial to providing patients with a more accurate diagnosis so they may be offered  precision medicine. Precision medicine  provides the patient with the most appropriate drug at the start of their treatment, at the optimum dose and combination with their other medications. The UK Pharmacogenetics and Stratified Medicine Network was set by Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed to develop multidisciplinary research partnerships between academics, clinicians, industry partners and regulators, with patients, to promote the development of precision medicine.

Our website http://www.uk-pgx-stratmed.co.uk/ is a one stop shop that attracts worldwide visitors as it provides information on the latest developments within the field of precision medicine.

The Network is free to join and welcomes members from around the globe. We organise an annual open meeting where prominent speakers highlight the advances in precision medicine, (presentations are available on our website). We also hold focused workshops where thought leaders from across all sectors come together to address the challenges of adopting precision medicine  into the clinic, (reports of the findings are published on the website). By partnering with other international organisations, such as the US PGRN and European organisations,  we are developing a global consortium aiming to provide patients with improved healthcare.

For further details please contact Dr Christine McNamee cjmcn@liv.ac.uk