September 9 – 12, 2019

Westin Boston Waterfront

Boston, MA

2017 was a pivotal year for the biomarker, including biomarker-dependent drug approval , center stage for NGS based signatures and breakthroughs in complex disease areas. It is clear the success of an efficacious, patient-centric precision medicine fundamentally rests on a solid predictive biomarker foundation. This importance only heightens as multiple drug developers fight for market share for similar targets in similar indications and healthcare providers and payers demand to see more robust clinical benefit to specific patient cohorts.

Built for biomarker, translational and clinical experts, this portion of the meeting will help you bring novel predictive biomarkers to fruition, overcoming challenges in the heterogeneity of disease, exploratory biomarker endeavours, validation of patient stratifying predictive signatures and a demonstration of clinical utility to accelerate the approval of next generation precision medicines.

Hear data-driven case studies across therapeutic areas and address paradigm shifts in the utilization of multi-marker signatures to ensure you, your team and your wider “precision medicine” function deliver valuable insight into patient selection and treatment decisions and prove the safety, efficacy and value of your targeted therapeutic candidates.

Key topics addressed in 2018:

  • Advancing clinical validation of patient stratifying predictive biomarkers to robustly define selection approaches
  • Overcoming disparity in validation and standardization of assays to improve precision medicine development and adoption
  • Building the best biomarker driven precision medicine clinical trials to fast-track candidate efficacy demonstration and approval
  • Accelerating the translational development of predictive signatures to improve and streamline exploratory biomarker strategies