October 18 – 19 2017

Boston, MA


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Develop and Execute a Robust Biomarker-Diagnostic Strategy to Unlock the Added Value of Precision Medicine

At this critical time in the history of precision medicine, it is crucial for the fields key opinion leaders, most exciting new-comers and those looking to start harnessing targeted therapies and high-value diagnostics to come together to accelerate tailored treatments to patients in need.

World CDx Boston 2016 will not only focus on the leading case studies in precision medicine but also tackle the most challenging and sobering conversations around, how far have we come with targeted therapies and companion diagnostics, the impact of precision medicine on the healthcare system and is the fit of precision medicine in drug development still a square peg in a round hole?

  • Understand the impact of biomarkers in immuno-oncology drug development to underpin the future of precision medicine in the hottest area of drug development
  • Decipher the evolving reimbursement landscape for diagnostics, testing and biomarker-driven therapies to underpin your market access and adoption strategies to deliver significant return on investment
  • Uncover the role of complementary diagnostics and how they inform targeted therapy selection to add this emerging approach to your precision medicine strategy
  • Harness liquid biopsy methodologies for non-invasive diagnostic development and real time patient monitoring whilst demonstrating clinical utility with this approach
  • Construct patient population size vs. return on investment strategy for targeted drug development in large pharma and emerging biotech’s with discussion
  • Successfully navigate regulatory paradigms for targeted therapies, laboratory-developed tests, next generation sequencing and complementary diagnostics
  • Incorporate biomarkers and diagnostics into early and late clinical trial designs to ensure access to the right patients in preparation for regulatory approval and reimbursement success
  •  Unlock the trapped potential of the data in from your biomarker-driven therapy programs, next generation sequencing protocols and multi-omic integration studies